Family Fun Day Fun

I am a firm believer in switching off, tuning out and taking a break.

I have had moments where I took every opportunity to work, and found I was working seven, fourteen, twenty one … days straight. Even if it was half an hour here, and ten minutes there, I was not giving myself one day off.

I fell into a hole, I was grumpy, horrible and intolerant.

I made a pledge to take a day off a week; one that could be enjoyed and participated in by the entire family.

Sundays is our Family Day.

It is a break, not just for me, but for all of us, from everything. Sometimes we leave the house, sometimes we don’t. The only rule is that we do something fun that involved everyone, and that no ‘work’ is done; Grumpy and I become a little ‘irresponsible’ and make a point of just having fun.

Today was no different; and the break, for me, was very much needed … I needed to chill, laugh, relax and just, well, have fun!

We loaded the bikes up into and onto the car (there are a lot of bikes), packed the first aid kit, because I know if I pack it, I will never need it, but if I leave it home, we will, and load ourselves up into the car.

Off we go! Road Trip; a not uncommon event for us, something Grumpy and I have been doing for near on fifteen years, and something the kids have grown up with.

Thus, they know how to make their own fun and keep themselves amused when in the car. We make it to the house three doors down from us, and Chippie is slapped across the face by Monkey Boy; deservedly so, according to Monkey Boy.

We’re not much further along when the fun and in-car activities bumped up a notch, mostly at Chippie’s expense. The Biggest One

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