Family Fun Day

Took the “spontaneous” option today, after sitting around in pyjamas for most of the morning, and ended up at 10 Pin Bowling.

Something none of us has done in a very long time. Except Monkey Boy, who has been to a couple of bowling parties and loved them.

Because of the food.

And Godzilla, who has never been.

And we had such a laugh, it was the best fun ever.

Until I got my bum whipped by a 4 year old (who scored waaaaaaaay more than me).

Grumpy Pants, however, managed to turn the whole thing into a competition, when 2.5 frames in he was made aware that he was being beaten by …. A Woman, a Primary School Kid and a Pre-Schooler.

The then got serious, and managed to come through by 2 points in the final frame.

Meaning that we all had a lovely lunch of crap chips and a hamburger and went home happy.

Not worth thinking about if he hadn’t won!

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