Family Fun for All! And Andy Griffiths

After spending a considerable portion of last night and this morning deciding what we were actually going to do for our stock, standard Sunday, i.e. Family Day, and doing much “I dunno, what do you want to do?” “I dunno, you decide” my head was awhirl with writey kind of ideas, so I decided that I would just lock myself in my office for two hours and write.

Grumpy took the Middlest and Littlest Children to the local school to play basketball.

Monkey Boy sat at home and practiced being a surly teenager. Judging by this morning’s antics, he is going to perform that stage of his life well. Text Book I would even go so far as to say.

(Only, not the Text Book they give you where Teenager does this and you say that and everyone hugs and the family is happy again … no, not that one.)

After I’d completed my tasks and evicted the Writing Bug from my head, Monkey Boy and I wandered to the school to collect children and husband. I got stuck, then, shooting some hoops (see, I am cool!) and missing a vast majority of them, whilst Grumpy Pants pointed and jeered at me until I said “Shut up, you fat bastard!” and he pointed harder and jeered more loudly and … jeerily.


Then I remembered why we had to

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