Family Holiday Fun Highlights

The four days of our holiday were filled with so much fun, I feel the best way to present them is in pictoral/’slideshow’ form with some narrative text along the way so you know what is going on.

If you have any questiones pertaining to the footage such as “what the hell is a “robotic duck?” and “what were those two koala doing?” please leave them in the comments section below and I will endeavour to answer them as well as humanly possible.

Also, and I share this tip in the hope that other Mums don’t make the same mistake I did, when a 9 year old boy called “Monkey Boy” says “climb up here, it’s easy”, don’t believe him. We are, in fact, above the level we started at on the other side. Not only did I have to get back down from where I ended up, but I still had to endure the climb back up to our starting position.

He is not called “Monkey Boy” for nothing … *sigh*

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