Family time and … fun, fun, fun!

The Grumpy One finally talked me into taking a day off.

So we went … to the trains. Just for something different.

I was exhausted, so fell asleep in the car on the way there. Godzilla had had a headache and sore throat, and was in some kind of weird lethargic/hyperactive state (yes, alternating!) Monkey Boy was just excited about going to the trains. For something different.

As my week had been one where “If something is going to go wrong, it will!” I was looking forward to a day where it was unlikely that anything would go wrong. Off we went, deciding exactly where we were going as we were heading wherever it was we were going.

It was cold, but, this time, we came prepared – coats, scarves, additional, chocolate laden snacks. Perfect.

We got the station, discovered the steam train was doing trips today (bonus for the kids) and it was a 73 minute wait until the next one (bugger). Grumpy came up with the fabulous suggestion that we head into town, grab some lunch and head back for the tour.


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