More FAQs and a Q Back at You

Since my last post on the frequently asked questions about my Great (in)SANE Inspired Adventure, I’ve had a couple more. So I figured I’d get in a quick one before I go.

How long will you be/are you gone for?

Ten days all up. That’s including 2 days of flights, five (consecutive) days of trekking, and two-and-a-half days of hanging around Beijing and doing stuff.

Did you decide on the black, the pink, the SheWee or the Whiz Freedom?

Oh, great question! I almost forgot to get back to you on that. I ended up doing some more research on the good ol’ FUD and went with the Whiz Freedom. Mostly because that’s all my local Anaconda had in stock.

Also, you want to whip a purple appendage out of your pants when you need a wee. Penis envy, I reckon. I’ve been practicing with it a bit, as highly recommended. I thought I’d have a greater understanding of how and why pee gets all over the seat, and was relishing the thought of years of payback for my three boys. Alas, I am at more of a loss as to how it happens.

Seriously, it’s not that hard to get it in the bowl. Not only that, mine’s not even attached to my body, and I have to hold it in place

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