3 Replies to “Farewell, my good friend”

  1. Love your blog – too bad so sad about the pj’s I can totally relate. I had a favorite T that I wore until it began threadbare and fell apart I too felt I had lost a deep close and comfy friend.


  2. Know EXACTLY how you feel. Had a pair of jarmies that were navy with pink elephants on them that went that way a year ago. Made me sooooo… sad to give them up, had them for twelve years,(god I am such a hoarder),even after the butt had been sewn together again and again. May your cow print pj pants rest in pieces….

  3. That’s dreadful, Mad Cow! How can you go on? Shall you search high and low for a replacement? Although if rupture happens on schedule you will probably find them in heaven…

    My sincerest condolences… No, really….

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