Farewell, old year!

And Happy New Year!

I must be honest in saying I shan’t be disappointed in seeing the back of 2011.

Also, I have no idea why I said “shan’t” or where the hell it even came from. I promise I won’t do it again.

Whilst it hasn’t been a bad year, per se, it has been rather shit. Low level, constant, nagging shit. Enough to tip me over the edge and into depression. Again.

Rather than go out focussing on the negative, or rehashing the year (cos I’ve done that in previous posts) I will acknowledge, as hard as it has been to do this year, that I have done, depsite all everything going on. I continued, I persisted and I did stuff. And things.

(That’s one for you Jac Cooper – you incredibly amazing woman, who gave me so much inspiration, who kept reminding me who I am and what I stood for and what I did for others. RIP – you have no idea how much I’m missing you. Thank you xox)

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