Fast Learners

Completed tidying the “baby’s room”, while Monkey Boy ‘helped’ Grumpy set up the cot, change table and other paraphernalia.

We then set about rearranging the room so it was workable … ‘No, there, not there, there. Actually, no, move it over to that side. No, move it back again. This is not working I HATE it. I want to build an extension. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Got everything to where it was “workable” and noticed we had seen neither current child for some time.

Aw. Such fast learners. I didn’t have to do it for them .. or even tell them to do it.

They had climbed the ladder and put themselves into a cupboard, up nice and high, out of reach and out of mischief.

It was then a race between Grumpy and I to see who could remove the ladder quickest.

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