Father – Son Time

The morning started of well, when, over breakky Monkey Boy says to Grumpy Pants “Daddy, you should go on the Biggest Loser, because you’re really fat!”

Grumpy then headed off to take his car to Werribee, about a 40 minute drive from home, for its regular, and very overdue, service.

Monkey Boy became distressed when he discovered his $2 tooth fairy money, in its own special money box, was missing. The money box was there, the $2 wasn’t.

I did the school run. Grumpy was back in time to take Godzilla to gymnastics.

Which ended in tears – mine – because Godzilla was mucking up, Grumpy couldn’t handle it and they came home early.

Grumpy then decided he’d take up his brother’s suggestion that they got to the Grand Prix next weekend together and threw me of the computer to book tickets.

Did the kinder drop off (I miss you, Mummy, I will be sad), did some work, did some of Grumpy’s homework, did school and kinder pickups.

Still not heard about Grumpy’s car.

He rang. At 4.30, where they advised him it wasn’t ready, but it would be soon and he had to be there before 5.30, when they close.

Best option was for me to drop him off at the train station, and he’d catch the train and drive home. Bundled kids back into car (I don’t wanna go, I wanna stay here, I hate you) and drove to train station.

Monkey Boy wanted to go with him – yay, what a great idea!

Drove home, cooked dinner and waited and waited and waited for them to arrive home.

Had bath with Godzilla, still no Monkey Boy and Grumpy.

Eventually, almost two hours later, they arrived home.

“Is your car not ready, yet? You went out there and couldn’t get it?”

“No, it was ready, just the train, you know.”

Ah, yeah, all the cancellations and what not.

Nope, not at all. Missed

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