Finally, the tears at school dropoff

a.m. Yes. I cried this morning as I dropped my now six year old, now grade one little boy off at school.

He’s not one of the littlest any more.

And I cried. All the way home. And when I got home.

I cried from sheer frustration out of having to have the same friggin discusison every morning about getting dressed for school.

From the tedium, having to explain, repeatedly that sitting naked on the bed is not actually getting dressed.

From the sore throat, as it seems the only way people will listen to me is if I scream at them.

From the resentment, because they are now running late and we have to rush and its all my fault.

From the wearing thin of my tolerance as I have to listen to cries and tantrums about the most innane issues.

I cried with relief as I dropped him off in his classroom


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  1. Mad Cow, you’re not the only one! The tears…the tantrums.. the total drama of return to school day!

    Only, in my case, the one with the tanties is 17!!! He started Year 12 last Tuesday – was totally grumpy all morning, snapping everyone’s head off as he got ready for school. Very inclusive of him, no-one missed out.

    Thank G*d he declined my offer of a lift and caught the bus. I think I’d have been justified in actual violence if he hadn’t left.

    Good news – he came home a different lad. Happy, engaging, chatty, and not fighting with his brother or sister.

    I’ve had 12 years of this – and I’m still an amateur. I just know now not to take it personally… when they’re in a stink, and they are 6’4″, the best thing to do is to hand them their lunch and get them the heck out the door…

    Oh, and where have you been girl? It is ALWAYS Mum’s fault…

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