First Day Back at School: This Happens

The long awaited and several days overdue return to school for term 4 has finally commenced.

I am revelling in the peace and quiet and actually getting a few things done.

I’m loving it.

Of course, the morning wasn’t so smooth.

I anticipated the usual repeating of getting up, putting shoes on and remembering to take lunchboxes and was not disappointed.

There’s plenty else the first day back at school brings. For instance:

  • the note that was to be signed sometime back in August and much kerfuffle ensued over its disappearance
  • a birthday invitation for last week
  • scratch that, last week of last year
  • shoes that no longer fit
  • annoyance re shoes as several times over the holidays, whilst visiting the overly huge shopping centre that sells school shoes, I was advised that “no, my shoes are fine, I don’t need any new ones”
  • the miraculous appearance of a lunch box that I’d spent the morning looking for so I may place today’s lunch in it
  • the incredible experience of feeling several conflicting emotions, simultaneously

I’m sure post school pickup and the evening will bring its own Return To Normality.

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