First World Problems

Our household – my office space included – has been internet-less for near on three months.

Without connection.

Cyberspace devoid.

Extremely, catastrophically disastrous!

You have no idea!

Or maybe you do.

The first month wasn’t all bad, as I was moving and unpacking boxes and being all nesty and homey and, basically, pissed off with boxes and shit lying around everywhere, so I “had to get rid of them before I could do anything”.

You know how procrastination works at times? Yeah, you get it.

Once I got the house-and-head-clutter cleared, I was Good To Freaking Go! Bring the work on, cos I’m freaking ready! And, oh, by then how ready was I to get stuck into writing again, to blogging, and to make the difference I like to make. To get into some recipes, and resources, and … well, lots of stuff.

But we were still in this terrible, horrible void of No Technology.

Embarking upon sessions at a local cafe and the local library provided me with the outlet I needed, and just able to keep on top of things. My Post It Notes got a good seeing to, and now decorate much of my new office, filling the space with notes on what needs to be done, ideas that I needed to get out of my head and all the rest of it.

Mostly, I was annoyed because I finally had the space, physically and psychologically, to take the next step of my future, and it was thwarted. I was also disconnected from my daily online connections, which some may feel is a bit “you spend too much time on Facebook” but, really, is often the only time I speak to another human outside my own family. I like to be connected with people in one way or another. When that is stripped away from me, I don’t fare all that well.

And then … well,

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