Fit for Summer and All the Excuses

I am one of those really annoying people, although I (hopefully!) don’t be in your face about it all, that is very much a believer that if you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.

It is something I live by (mostly) and, let’s face it, we’re all pretty damned good at finding excuses for not doing shit. Or stuff. Or things.

Confronted as well all are with the billionty and seven “get in shape for summer” blah going on at the moment, and the word “guilt” working its way into advertising and marketing, and a whole heap of rhetoric going on about healthy weight, body image, fat acceptance and … well, a whole heap of stuff … it had me reflecting.

Remember this image that caused some uproar a while back?


It’s an image that sticks with me, not because I “should” get out an exercise more, but because it reminds met that we all have something we want to strive for. That we can go for it, or we can make excuses for why we’re not going for it … whatever that ‘it’ is.

When it comes to “the perfect body” or “being in shape” or all the rest of it, well … here’s my take on it …

Fit for summer excuses

Yes, I could make up all the excuses under the sun for not being trim and taught. For not having toned arms, and having loads of jiggly bits. And a belly that really needs to be covered up, because there’s a good chance that any light reflecting off it will cause blindness.

Having spent a decade of my life coaching people out of making excuses for not being active/eating nutritious foods, and having spend a considerably amount of time being coached, myself, out of making bullshit excuses for not going for what I want, I haven’t made an excuse for a long time. In relation to my body structure and fat content, I mean.

The crux of it is, for me, and no doubt for many others, is that having the body of the woman in the first picture is not something I strive for. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just not something that I particulary want.

For me. Personally. I don’t care if others do.

For me, I just have other things that I would prefer to be doing, and having that body is lower on my list of priorities. Or, not on my list at all. I really don’t want this taken the wrong way; I don’t want it to turn into some fit toned person hating thing, with stupid comments like “nothing better to do with her time” and all sorts of other hateful stuff I have heard.

Because this is something that means a lot to a lot of people. Because they want it. Because it makes them feel good. Because it is a goal they want to acheive. For some, it

3 Replies to “Fit for Summer and All the Excuses”

  1. Not making excuses. I have done at least one weights session or extended walk every week through winter. My motivation is almost there, but fuck it’s hard for me to motivate myself to make time for more than a couple of extra walks each week. And that’s because I really don’t know what I want, how to do it, or how the hell to get everyone else off my back and go along with me instead of fighting against any changes I want to make.
    So yeah, probably blaming others for putting pressure on me instead of acknowledging that I’m letting others get to me when I shouldn’t.

  2. I think that’s the point; if you don’t really know what you want, being motivated to go for it is hard to do.

    I think you’re awesome for acknowledging you don’t know what it is. Also a very good place to start 🙂

  3. We must be in the same planetary pull at the moment. I’m exactly in the same space. Since my hysterectomy in May I just felt ‘old’. The last month I’ve been eating more healthily and cooking more than ever in my life PLUS the healthy eating gave me energy to go see a trainer twice a week! I’m quietly chipping away at the 25 kg I need to drop to get to the weight I was when I felt body confident last, and in the last month I’ve let go of 5 already, you really do just have to want it more than you want the cake/cookie/huge man size servings that I’d gotten used to! Good luck girl! X

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