Five Foods

It seems I upset a few people with my post about bad/good parenting and evil, giant multinationals a few weeks back.

A couple were miffed about what I had to say about takeaway food, but that wasn’t the issue.

I inadvertently outraged a few with my open distaste about the fungus that graces your unclean shower tiles. Or [excuse me a moment, whilst I try not to vomit] people’s breakfast plates.


Outrage, indeed!

Didn’t mean to upset you … but, sorry, tinea. I can’t get my mind beyond that.

Really, I don’t have any problem with you eating them, if that’s what you desire. I prefer you don’t do it in front of me, but I won’t judge or discriminate against you because of it.

One of my best friends is a mushroom consumer. This also has it’s advantages … she eats my mushrooms, I get her bacon.


It did get me thinking though, about the variety of foods disliked within a community. It’s not just bathroom fungus I have a distaste for. No, not at all. There are other foods. My top five would have to be:

  1. mushrooms (obviously)
  2. Brussel’s sprouts (why???? What is their point?)
  3. olives
  4. blue cheeses
  5. mushrooms
Of course, though, I simply adore food. Love it. Not just for the fact that its fills my belly and gives me energy and those sorts of things. It gives me much pleasure and enjoyment, and if it doesn’t for you then I dare to suggest you are using it all wrong! 😛
So, I’m willing to throw out my Top 5 Favourite Foods too (not literally throw out … I mean “speak out loud”)
  1. Chicken (done most ways, except, possibly, KF’d)
  2. Strawberries
  3. Spinach
  4. Feta & goats’ cheeses
  5. Dark chocolate (70% cocoa and above) (also chocolate teddy bear biscuits)

So tell me, I’d love to hear it … what are your 5 least enjoyed (or repellent) foods, and your top 5 favourites.

Also, if someone could whip me up a couple of courses using that second list of mine and bring it round, that’d be awesome! Thanks!

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  1. Top 5 Hate – Peas, avocado, chick peas, corned beef (even writing these I spewed a little in my mouth)
    Top 5 Love – Prawns, Olives, Beef, Mushrooms (i’ll eat what Jodi doesn’t of yours) Bacon


      1. I am SO going out for lunch with you! Aside from corned beef (that could probably be added to my hate list) I quite love an avocado and chick peas (about to make a soup using them 😀 Nom, nom, nom!)

        1. Ooh I LOVE corned beef! 😀 Got an awesome recipe for smashed chickpea and avocado dip that I spread on toast under spinach and poached eggs with a pile of bacon, if you want it 😉
          (For the Mad One, obviously! Wouldn’t do that to you, Jeska)

  2. My top 5 are pretty much the same as yours 😀
    Least faves are
    1. Anchovies (nasty, salty, fishy bullets of evil)
    2. Shellfish (nasty little water filters)
    3. Mouldy cheese (yes “Blue Vein”, I’m looking at YOU!)
    4. Paw Paw (smells like vomit. Need I say more?)
    5. Cheap chocolate. There is almost nothing worse than expecting a mouthful of chocolatey goodness and getting one of sugary sawdust instead 🙁

  3. Five hated:
    1) Prawns (Jeska, they’re all yours babe)
    2) Spinach
    3) Tuna (why would I eat cat food??)
    4) Tofu
    5) Cucumber

    Five loved:
    1) Chocolate
    2) MUSHROOMS!!!!
    3) Cashews
    4) Cheese
    5) Eggs

  4. Five hated
    Brussel sprouts( mouldy cabbages ich), capsicum( why is it all ready meals and quick meals with tomatoes has bloody capsicum in it), BBQ lamb chops (ewww it’s like eating fat wrapped in a bone), cheap chocolate, curried snags!

    Five faves
    Chocolate dark, seafood ( any kind), chicken (all ways), Mushrooms ( different types slices slowly cooked in butter with a hint o garlic and a dash of Wooster sauce, dash of salt and pepper to taste, on fresh bread toasted with yet more butter !! Yes it’s prob not for the diet conscience but its a beautiful Sunday breaky with a coffee alfresco), mangos.

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