Fixed? No Way!

After more sitting on painful bum all day (got a magazine I have to get together in the next week – eeek!) managed to secure a time for a massage.

Except bum too painful, so bits that needed massage – ie bum cheeks – didn’t get what they needed.

Had to rush home for interview, with kids, about kids personalities and what they can grow up like.

Interviewer though it was a good idea to speak with Monkey Boy about this (clearly, she had not got the “don’t work with animals or kids” bit, or she thought it was big joke)

So, she asked him what he did when I told him he couldn’t do something.

He informed her, very politely, that he made a deal with me.

Which is what he does, and has done from the age of two … “So, I’ll make a deal with you. You can read me one more story, ok? Deal!”


Then she asked “How come you make a deal with her?”

Monkey Boy … “So she’ll stop talking to me!”

Nice to know my kids love me … hmmmmm.

Godzilla’s birthday in 3 days, party on Sunday – eeek.

No time to get pressie. Magazine still to be put together. Guests coming to stay tomorrow.

Off to Toys’R’Us to purchase scooter. Tanties surrounding 2 vs 3 wheels.

Left in tears.

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