Food Experience: 5am:Yoghurt

This morning, I had the distinct pleasure of attending a breakfast. It was focussed, specifically, on the new organic yoghurt on the market; five:am organic yoghurt .. the yoghurt awakening.

Fortunately, for everyone, we were not required to attend at 5.00am, as this is less an “awakening” and more along the lines of “death wish”.

(Although we did learn that the name of the yoghurt in quesiton came about because the ideas man and creator of said yoghurt is a yoga-y type of person who gets up at 5am. Also, they milk the cows for aforementioned yoghurt at 5am, and lots of other quirky little anecdotes relating to 5am. I’m still totally in the dark as to what 5am actually is, as it has, in the past, been a horrifically traumatic time for me, and is not just far too bloody early and falls within the realms of Stupid O’Clock. But I digress)

We descended, quite literally, as it was in a basement (possibly to keep us as far away from the general public as possible) on The Kitchen Cat

I was a wee bit excited, because, well, usually I’m still in my jarmies at 8am, being told to get off the computer to make school lunches, and yelling at the kids to get organised for school and pack their bloody bags and then making their school lunches for them. This morning, Tobie Puttock was making my breakky. That it was Tobie Puttock was totally irrelevant. Someone that wasn’t me was making it. Also, I was probably

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