Food Review: Baked Rigatoni

Continued … from yesterday – the main course (ahem, except not in the same sitting – that would require organisation)

As mentioned in yesterday’s review, Coles are of the misguided belief that I can cook. Possibly because I’m always going on about food.

Really, I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. I can cook. I’m just not a masterchef, nor do I have the patience for things that require garnishes etc. So, yeah, there’s cooking and there’s cooking and I wander this wobbly line that is oft overlooked by the creators of recipe books and cooking TV shows. Also, there’s a mistaken belief that because I do actually cook most nights for the family I must therefore be one of

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  1. I think that recipe would work with tinned tomatoes. Probably better than some of the half ripe super hard ones around. But hey – this is coming from someone who just posted a recipe involving a tin of tomato soup and some chops, so I may not be the best judge!

  2. @ Farmer’s Wife – I also like chops cooked smothered in tomato sauce 😀

    As for the Rigatoni, I was shocked that you could make a pasta bake, without using pasta bake sauce, who knew!

    Am so with you on the oil. I took the salami out and sat it on paper towel to further drain the fat. So have to get me one of those handy pans that goes from stove top to oven.

    Wonder if the cast iron pot I used for the minestrone can do that? Hmmmm

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