Food Review: Easter Food (with added useful Easter Tips- non food related)

Easter is coming … and mine came early because Coles have cottoned on to the fact that I like food, generally, and have sent me some of their Easter goodies early.

The traditional hot cross buns (HCBs) were first to arrive. Not just the “traditional” traditiona either, but also some choc hot cross buns and some plain ones and all the family were happy. You can’t ask for more than that really, can you?

Fruit boy liked the fruit ones and the choc ones, the Grumpy one liked them all – he does like food that’s put in front of him that he doesn’t actually have to cook himself, but he also added that they were very nice tasting and some other technically cheffy bits that I nodded and just agreed with him about. Chippie also demanded some daily for a few days, which is where the little, 24 pack of the fruited variety of HCBs came in super handy.

(He also called them “bums” which I blame his brothers for … but still, he ate them and liked them and demanded more)

I have to admit that I struggle with chocolate in bready and pastry type baked goods, so I could honestly pass on the choc ones, as could Monkey Boy. I gave them a go, they were edible and didn’t make me gag like chocolate croissants do (that

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