Food Review: Ministrone Soup and Nirvana

After a somewhat crappy morning and an even crappier lunch with some of the extended family, I was in much need of some stress relief.

(Oh, before I continue – not a crappy lunch because of extended family. Not at all. Mostly due to terrible service, horrible beverages and the fact that my burger, which I thought said “chargrilled” was, in fact, a lump of “charcoal” – obviously I misread. And I didn’t eat it.)

When the options of a) a tropical holiday without the family or b) a warm bubble bath with a glass of wine and without the family are unavailable to me, I usually go for cooking.

Bizzarre as this may sound to some, I quite enjoy it. It keeps me focussed, it engages my creative side (this is not always for the best for those consuming my creations, but I’m happy :)), it is something I have a relatively high level of control over, and I do like being in control, and it gives me a very reasonable and acceptable excuse for me to point the knife and say “will you keep the bloody kids out of the kitchen”. Yes, I have a valid reason for not wanting them near me. They might get their fingers chopped off or accidentally end up with a knife or saucepan protruding from their body.

Anyhoo, I chose cooking. The fabulous people at Coles

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