I have decided to add another category to my blog. It is called “Food!”. Which is incredibly original, I know. I have such a great imagination.

I’m not doing this becuase I am of the midguided and deluded belief that I am a Foodie.

Quite the opposite, aside from the fact that I like to cook – which I’m not especially good at – and that I like to eat – which I am exceptional at. Also, I like “good” food, by which I mean “food snobbery” type food, and not “healthy”. Just so you know.

Whilst I like to bake, and have done some bloody awesome kids birthday cakes, lets not be of the misunderstanding that I actually know about baking. I have three recipes I use, and two for icing. Only one of which I can ever recall to use. By “recall” I mean “oh, yeah, there’s the butter icing. Now where is the recipe” and not recalling the recipe off the top of my head.

If you ring me and ask bakery type questions, I will not know the answer.

I just like food, cooking is my stress outlet and I talk about food a lot. A. Lot.

So much so that I was invited to attend a Coles Tweet Up, where we got to eat food, and I was asked to be a guest blogger over at Baker’s Delight. Discussing food.

I also have a fascination with the obsession with food in our society, the epidemic of fussy eaters, the pressure to spend hours, days even, creating all kinds of wonderful thing for school lunchboxes, and a master chef attitude towards the evening meal. All of which causes me to embark on a bout of Foetal Positioning, followed be a tantrum of some description.

I also created this category because:

  1. I like food. Have I said this already? I really

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