For the Heart, From the Heart

This post written in collaboration with BUPA Australia

It seems that my excuses for not exercising, whilst giving a good number of people a bit of a giggle (always a good thing), was also a bit confronting for some. It appears, also, to have attracted those who are for “fat acceptance” (their words, not mine) and how I am a hater (always one who will read into stuff what they will) and that I am also a fat cow.

Well, duh! I

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  1. So I did the test, and as an “unemployed” stay-home parent whose “workplace” does not provide any motivation (such as creche for the on-site gym, scheduled lunch-breaks, bike to work, mental health counselling) my heart health is struggling. Despite being as active as I thought I could be within the limits of my own circumstances I am overweight and have apparently elevated blood pressure, and, despite having given up smoking over 10 years ago, I still register as having a heart age 3 years older than my actual age.
    Obviously the survey is a snapshot and only a guide as to what I could be doing to improve my heart (and overall!) health, but it was still a bit of a wake-up for me – I thought I was doing better than that!
    I hereby put into writing that my commitment to my heart is to get up and move around more. No more hiding in a corner reading or ‘puting for extended periods while I avoid doing all the stuff I SHOULD be doing!
    Thank you for the wake-up call.

  2. My Heart Age is 30 (a few years younger than I am now)!

    It could be younger if I got off my butt more! I am very cautious of my heart as have had two family members pass away at 37 of heart disease!! I’m only 3 years off that!

    Look after your heart people!

  3. BUPA may wish to check the mobile capability of the site. Clicking on the link, what opened wasn’t usable and I needed to force it open in a browser to view. Can send screen capture if you want.
    Says my heart health is 3 years below my age. ??? I’m not confident in that result given the nature of the questions asked as well as what wasn’t asked. Nothing about food choices or activity levels.
    It’s a great start and I appreciate it can’t (nor should it) replace a more thorough review by your GP, but I feel there are some key omissions.
    As for my commitment, continue to walk as often as I can, encourage my kids to move about, continue to eat healthily with the occasional splurge, get my knee issues investigated as soon as I can so I can start running again and continue with making myself ME time.

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