One of the joys of motherhood in many cases (and certainly in mine) is that there is a partner (aka husband) about.

He’s around quite a lot.

And expects you to be a mother and a wife.

Which is fine, if you don’t have too much to do. And if he’s willing to take over the responsibility of some of the things in the household.

Like, ooh, I don’t know, the vaccuuming? Or maybe cooking the odd meal? Or perhaps doing all the worrying about the “sex” issue in marriages that also contain children.

Quite franky, maintaining a household, feeding and clothing people, making sure lunch is made before leaving for school (yup, still working on that one), washing etc etc as well as running a business or two from home, I really don’t have that much time to consider much beyond a peck on the cheek as one of us is walking out the door on one errand or another.

So we came to an agreement.

I’d continue making the school and kinder lunches and scrub the toilets, if he could do the vaccuuming and manage the relationship thing.

Its taken me some time, but I worked out today that “Hey kids, you wanna watch a DVD?” is now considered “foreplay”.

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