Four cities, two days

Sometimes I do wonder how much a mind can actually take before it snaps … although it does appear to adapt extremely well to it’s current circumstance.

With the aid of a good coffee, at any rate.

Arrive in Sydney aiport, have much jovial discussion about getting through customs ete etc, laugh hystrically as we learn that Channel 7 are filming Border Security at that particular moment, then contemplate how sensible it is to laugh maniacally if that is the case. Lots of hugs as I farewell Coke Dude and two of my newfound friends and Live Positively Ambassador awesome chicks. I think the hugs were to prevent me from actually having to leave.

Make way over to domestic terminal with Hot Spot, have small catch up and cup of tea in the busness lounge and head down to board my flight, where am approached by strange man, from behind, who says “Excuse me, lady, I need to check your bags!”


Oh, it was my own dad. Ha ha ha. Hilarious. Glad his dad joke repertoir has increased by, oh, none …

Shuffle on to plane where I catch up on a smidge more rest before embarking, late, in Melbourne, meeting hubby at airport and being dropped off at home so he can go off to work. Play some catch up whist repack and write down details for The Favourite Uncle, who has the kids for the evening, including school and day care pickup, and gymnastics duty. Lucky him!

Frantically print copies of my talk for tomorrow morning, make sure I have 7 pairs of clean undies, as am one of those strange packers who has to not only ensure I have enough clean undies, but double it and add a few more “just in case”. Dump Shanghai suitcase in vacant floor space, remove some items and put them in smaller suitcase, dump some in washing basket and just leave the rest, because I really must be off!

Coffee self up, ensure brother has all relevant information, hop in car and head off one my minimum hour and a half drive to Bendigo. Locate hotel with difficulty as the street I’m on has changed names three times since hittiing the outskirts of Bendigo, I’m keeping an eye out for my turn off and discover there is no requirement for me to turn off anywhere. Think I prefer having a driver and not having to worry about it myself.

Hotel somewhat different from that which I have rapidly grown accustomed over last few days, but am beyond point of caring as am so tired. Contemplate crashing onto bed as soon as I get there, but figure will probably wake at 2am starving. And there is no room service!

Wander down local street to locate suitable place to eat. Best I could come up with was local pizza bar. Had wine, calmari salad and worked on my keynote speech.


24 hours ago was eating dumplings in back streets of Shanghai. Now, eating suspect calamari salad in main street of Bendigo.

Did attempt to take photo of view from my room at the hotel in Bendigo, but the guys out the front of the room opposite weren’t overy enthused about the idea.

Still, it was a room; nice comfy bed, nice warm shower, and no kids to interrupt. And they were making breakky for me in the morning.

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