Friday Fun Bloggers' Brunch

Being one who works from home, your only company being the iPod or radio (should you remember to turn it on), the piles of washing and chocolate teddy bear biscuits, and occasionally the screaming child and the husband who proclaims distress at your “ignoring him” then berating you for not doing any work, it can sometimes get rather lonely and/or frustrating.

Thus, I do declare to particularly enjoy those opportunities to get out and mingle with likeminded people. In real life. Out of the house. Where the mountain of washing can’t berate me every time I walk past it. Nor to be in earshot of the choc teddy bear biscuits loudly proclaiming their desire to be consumed by me.

Today was one of those days; another Bloggers Brunch organised by Kids Business.

I didn’t realise how much I missed real, live people. Apologies, Norlin, for the too hard hug 🙂

Once again we had the opportunity to meet with a variety of businesses that may be of interest to ourselves, and our blogging audience. Mostly, I go for the social element, and to see which business out there I’d like to work with, and whom I think you lot might be interested in hearing about as well. I also have a particular like for those that sit with the values I have for both Diary and my website, Real Mums (yes, despite popular opinion, I do have values! :P)

Of course, those that complement my evil plans for cutting the bullshit out of parenting also top

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