Friday Fun Giveaway – Batman Unlimited

In all the stress and trauma of Book Week (or not) I thought now might be a good time to do a Giveaway!


This will be particularly fabulous if:

  1. You’re going to need something for next year’s Book Week, as your little one is already close to not fitting into the costume s/he has worn for the last three years
  2. Your kid loves DC Comics charachters
  3. You have or know of a child with an birthday looming and need something fabulous as a gift
  4. You want to be Super Organised for Christmas
  5. I don’t know why I just used that particular C word, as I haven’t been quite that Super Organised in years … I’m not reallly sure what happened then …

Anyhoo … Because the DC Comics Super Heros and Super Villans range , and the

16 Replies to “Friday Fun Giveaway – Batman Unlimited”

  1. Please me! Please ME! So I can give this to my nephew who I barely see pics of anymore without his Batman costume on.

  2. Because I have boys who love batman & freakin Spider-Man and Hulk are all over shop shelves & I can never really find cool batman!

  3. Stuff the kids. I want, nay NEED, this for myself. Every mum needs a dress-up option and I’m not a Disney princess!

  4. All the kids will fight over it so it’ll be a great leverage point for me. Or maybe next month’s birthday child gets it.

  5. Boychild’s taken to being the hero we deserve, but don’t quite need right now. Batarangs would help his war against the monsters in Girlchild’s closet!

  6. I need to win this prize not for my kids but for me. You see my ex husband thinks he actually is Batman, for real. I know, he’s an idiot, but it would be super cool to have better Batman toys than he does just to make him jealous.

  7. For my 3 year old who loves batman – His elder brother does not share his superhero collection with him & he feels left out.

  8. Way to go making it bloody difficult for me!

    Winners have just been emailed so if you provided me with the correct email address and your name is:

    Alex or

    you will hopefully have someting in your inbox by now. Get back to me asap and when you get your prize I WANT PHOTOS!

    Contgrats, and thank you ALL for your entries. I got the giggle I needed x

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