Friday the 13th lucky for some

Got sick of Bob not recognising what was right under his nose and made the kids come shopping with me.

I’d found a dress, perfect for Mums Night Out!┬áNot only that, but it was the last one, on sale and in my size.

Woo Hoo.

Took the kids, the dress was still there, so bought it.

They were so well behaved (lucky we still have chocolate left over) that we went for a cino afterwards.

I discovered one of my brand new Chrystal Rankin, one off earrings was missing!

Retraced steps, and found it – phew.

Now just need to get shoes to match the dress.

And to finish a great day off, we returned home and the kids have finally decided that they don’t want to watch Bob any more these holidays!!!!!!!!!


(Because I was going to write a script and send it to the producers. Only I don’t have time.)

Now all I need is for the weather to cool down so I can put on a jacket and find $50 in the pocket.

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