Fridge Follies, Food that Freezes & … F*&K It, I need help…

We’re still without a proper fridge, due to a number of reasons; waiting to hear back from building developer about some info we need, Life is busy and Grumpy Pants is demanding we go in search of the absolutely lowest price possible.

I understand and agree with him, although he is not the one confronted with withering and soggy cucumber, seeping over the fridge shelf, as I was this morning. Before my morning coffee, too. Which is not good. Not good for anyone.

It was bad enough that I took the lid off the saute pan last night, to cook dinner, only to discover a mooshy tomato in there, still ‘on the vine’. It, too, was seeping some sort of liquid.

I had a vague recollection that I had obtained this particular tomato yesterday, for slicing into wedges and including in Chippie’s school lunchbox. I had done so the day before, and the tomatoes, then, had been frozen so solid they could easily have passed as cricket balls. I made vague mention of the fact I may use the tomato in dinner that evening, but forgot until I went to actually make dinner.

Something I don’t do particularly well is food that is on it’s way to naturally removing itself from it’s usual state of being. Mooshy tomato makes me gag. A lot. As does mushy cucumber.

It appears The Other Fridge, the one out the back, good for wine and beer storage and little else, is getting bored and randomly experimenting with cryogenics.

As a result, I can provide you with a list of Foods That Do Not Freeze Well.

Actually, let me rephrase; they

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