FTS: A Family Escape

I do believe that every now and again, we just need to get away. Escape. Do something different, if not extraordinary.

And sometimes, everything just gets on top of you and you say “Fuck this shit!” and just … go ….

It’s not something we’ve done for quite some time. Certainly nothing quite so spontaneous as a Fuck This Shit Escape like we just did. Grumpy was home for work, I was on the verge of losing my mind completely and I said “Fuck this shit, let’s just escape.”

So we did.

We packed for an overnighter, packed bathers and drove off into the sunset. No, we didn’t. Because it was late morning, many hours from sunset and we had no plans to drive that long.

Instead we drove north-westish for about an hour or so, found a resort to which I have significant discounts for, and booked a night for all five of us.

Exhausted to the point of brain not functioning, I really needed just some peace and quiet. Failing that, just something …

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