Get out of the way!!! Hungry baby!

Went out for dinner this evening with some business colleages.

As Chippie was so little, I was “allowed” to bring him. Reading between the lines, it was more along the lines of “ooh, little baby, you HAVE to bring him so we can all gush and drink wine in front of you!”

Planning ever so well, he was fed before we left, and hopefully not need to feed him again till we got home. I was, however, prepared to feed should the need arise.

Just like at home, he needed cuddles just as dinner arrived, so a small game of pass the squirming parcel ensued whilst we took turns in eating.

No need to feed.

Dessert arrived, and he slept. Something feeling a bit amiss here.

My plans to leave early, “just in case” were thwarted due to fabulous discussions and … well, basically, I was out! Eventually the night came to an end, we set off home, with still no need for a feed when Chippie was removed from the pram and put into the car. Or as we left the carpark. Surely he must be getting hungry and need something soon.

Ah, yes, just as we hit a trafffic jam we went from sleep to scream in a matter of micro-seconds. Great! Couldn’t even pull over. Crawl along some more in the Saturday night traffic, and get to that point where you’re close enough to home to continue, but not so close that the Guilts don’t smack you in the face and you think “Oh, my god I’m starving my baby!” and checking the rear vision mirror for the Breastfeeding Police to ensure I am fully aware that this is what I’m doing.

Choose to continue, because, quite frankly, I need a wee. And there are sometimes you gotta prioritise.

But what is that up ahead? Flashing lights? Argh! The Breastfeeding Police are lying in wait for me!

Until I realised it was the standard police and figured they’d probably pull me over anyway, based soley on the fact that I needed to get home asap due to screaming baby and screaming bladder.

Every car in front of me slowed down to around 30 km per hour (70 zone) to pass the police car, just in case they thought they may possibly be considered speeding.

Move along people! There’s nothing to see!

Didn’t get pulled over, but it was a close call with bloody idiots incapable of doing the legal thing past Mr Plod.

(Chippie feel asleep as soon as I was ready!)

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