Lo GI Bread and School Lunches – a review and some ideas

I had the very distinct pleasure of being approached by Bakers Delight’s PR company, asking me to try out their Hi-Fibre Lo-GI bread, and share some of my creative and fabulous lunch box ideas.

Chuffed, I was. The only way to describe it. Oh, and hungry, as it was around lunchtime that I received the loaf in which I was to get all creative.

Aside from the term Lo-Gi Bread reminding me of GI Joe, action man derived from Ken of Barbie and Ken fame, and sending me into giggling fits every time I see the acronym “GI” and thinking of Ken, and I’m guessing GI Joe, and his dubious manhood, the bread is rather nice.

It is also hi-fibre. Essentially,it is white bread tasting, yet all the goodness of wholemeal bread without the “Mum, this bread looks like it’s a funny colour” and “NOT NUT BREAD!” etc that

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  1. Oh yeah, Miss 7 only ever wants vegemite sangers. Put anything else on it, and she won’t eat them. I have tried the Baker’s Delight high-fibre white bread and she can’t taste the difference. My only problem really is the price, it’s a bit expensive for everyday.
    Her brother is harder, he won’t eat bread unless it is toasted. (Go figure). I often make him a toasted cheese and ham sandwich and wrap it in foil so it’s slightly warm by morning tea time.
    Other faves: Cheese and ham croissant, ham/chicken and cheese wraps, those mini cans of spaghetti. I always throw in some fruit.
    In winter, Miss 7 has chicken noodle soup in a flask for morning tea, and Mr 9 has miso soup in a flask.
    They will both eat sushi, which is quick and easy if you’ve done the rice the night before and kept it in
    the fridge overnight. (Fillings smoked salmon, chicken, or tuna and mayo).
    Other lunch box fillers: Home-made muffins/slice/biscuits, dry cereal in a little container or bag, wheetbix with butter and honey, craisens.
    I’ve tried doing fancy things like savoury muffins and pasta salads, but they come home untouched!

  2. Can’t say I am of any help – we are very much a vegemite sandwich household – but what about another one that I believe some people like (but also makes me want to vomit) Vegemite and cream cheese sandwiches…..

  3. My friend Karen swears by Stras, cheese and sauce sandwiches.

    Scrape some marg, squirt some sauce, flop on the stras and cheese and put in lunch box.

    Personally, I’m a tlc girl. Tomato, lettuce and Cheese.

  4. the sandwich fillings that do the rounds at my place:
    – dairy free spread, vegemite and cheese
    – dairy free spread, ham and cheese
    – dairy free spread, chicken loaf and cheese
    – dairy free spread, ham, salami and cheese
    – dairy free spread, ham, chicken loaf and cheese
    – dairy free spread, roast turkey and cheese
    (you seeing the trend here?) occasionally with tomato sauce in there too.

  5. 7yo has decided “I don’t like vegemite” but that’s only in daddy thickness… So when I say “just a teeny tiny bit”, that’s ok.

    So just a teeny tiny bit of vegemite, plus or minus cheese slice.

    Sometimes I just can’t be arsed making them lunch, or morning tea for playgroup, so I let them make their own. Especially handy for when you didn’t bother to do grocery shopping!

    Strawberry and garlic (5yo)
    Muesli and cheese (7yo) with or without jam
    Cheese and yummy tomato sauce
    Mustard sauce
    Mustard sauce and cheese
    Margarine yes, it’s a margarine sandwich
    Homemade Banana spread (you don’t wanna know the 7yo’s recipe, really you don’t)
    Moroccan seasoning
    Eggplant, cheese, herbs (ok, I helped with that one)

  6. I forgot to mention that the strawberry and garlic sandwich ended up under the couch somewhere.. I still haven’t fished it out…

  7. And if you every get approached by one I’d the zip lock bash companies, I’m there!

    Everything in snack size ziplock bags… Carrot sticks, chopped up fruit, even half a jam sandwich. I NEVER end up with a half eaten apple covered in god knows what at the bottom of the school bag, and leftovers are clean and secure enough, they 8am double as an after school snack.. Woohoo!

    not to mention lunch money for when you don’t even have bread!

    Also handy for random crap in your handbag.

  8. Argh! Now I have this urge to eat peanut butter and jam sanga!!!

    DD has this love of lasagne sandwiches. She is begging for me to do them for school, but the thought of cold lasagne in a lunch box for 4 hours or so makes me feel a bit ick. Even with all the ice bricks and frozen poppers. Which is weird, cos I’m happy to send them off with cold roast chook or ham.

  9. Ooh- I forgot about Godzilla and his:

    – peanut butter and tomato sauce (rejected)
    – peanut butter and spincach

    Niether of which can go to school. *sigh*

    Also, just so you know, the repeated mentions of Vegemite and Cheese is making me want to vomit. Just saying.

  10. We have the usual vegemite sangers here
    and cream cheese sangers
    Or cheese and Jam
    or ham, cheese and mayo
    or ham and mayo
    or strassburg and mayo
    ot strassburg and tomato sauce
    or we have mashed egg with mayo spread in between lettuce so it doesn’t fall out and make a mess lol
    The boys also have a thing about tuna spread on sandwiches which they love

    they are all quick sandwiches and very doable 😉

  11. What about a banana sandwich?

    I’ll give you the instructions…
    Open lunchbox.
    Put in 2 slices of bread and a banana.
    Close lunchbox.
    Tell kid to figure it out.

    Given this is for a kid, honey may be added to the bread…or tomato sauce (you know it’ll be requested sooner or later…).

  12. Too hard!

    So I randomly selected …




    Please email me your addresses so I can send you your voucher! Hurrah!

    madcow (at) realmums.com.au 🙂

  13. Ooh, that’s me!

    My email used to tell me if there were more comments, but now it doesn’t. Brain not workie!

  14. Also, fyi…

    The strawberry and garlic sandwich was finally extracted from under the lounge the other day. Slightly green, but otherwise in good condition.. If the kids were home they probably would have tried to eat it!

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