Gifted Children & Dangers Around the House

Godzilla is leaving for school camp tomorrow morning.

I had suggested we do something about organising his packing last weekend, but I was otherwise occupied.

Quite surprisingly, Grumpy Pants took it upon himself to get started. He dragged the suitcase that had been sitting in our bedroom for five weeks into Godzilla’s room, to the Camp Essentials List with him and they collected most of the clothing items required for camp.

This did take me a little by surprise and leave me a little concerned as I took in Godzilla’s washing basket, overflowing with clothes to be washed.

He doesn’t have that many pairs of fitting tracksuit pants and shorts that he could include in his packing. However, he insisted he was fine, he just needed help “packing it”.

Unsure as to what this meant, I ventured along several lines of questioning. The ultimate response was that he had “put everything in the bag” and that he “needs help packing it”. I was more confused than when I began.

Still, I decided to double check, having been left ill informed as to what had actually been packed, how much, what sections and the like.

This, obviously, required the Camp Essentials List, a permanent marker – to label clothing – and a pen or pencil, to check the items off.

First things first. The List.

The List was nowhere to be seen.

It was, according to reports “On the bed, just here” and then it wasn’t.

Given two-thirds of the shit lying on the floor of, and around Godzilla’s bedroom, is paper, locating the List was going to be a challenge.

I commenced the search … my putting my head in my hands, trying not to cry and suggesting “You have a look, I’ll be back shortly.”

His .3 second look net no List, but did increase my levels of exasperation.

You see, Godzilla is extremely talent. He seems to have a knack greater than anyone I have ever met, to lose things I have seen mere milliseconds previously

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