Gimme a break! Ten years on …

Every year, I organise an event.

Well, I organise a few, mostly birthday parties for my children. Up to six – for three kids. Don’t ask me how that works, it just happens.

Which is why I need a break.

And which is where this event I organise comes in.

I started because I am a social being and I am not generally ok with just ‘inviting a few’ over; I wanted to organise a dinner around Mother’s Day for the awesome chicks in my mother’s group (I had a great group!), but had a few ‘outsiders’ who were good friends (and mums) and thought “Well, if I invite them, then the others in my mother’s group will want to invite friends. And those friends might want to invite friends …”

Essentially, what started out as “dinner for give” escalated into a dinner dance for 180.

I had a nine day old baby at the time of that event. I organised most of it during my second and third trimesters.

Partly as a result of my pregnancy, and partly because I was careless in my choosing someone to assist me, lacking confidence in my own abilities to organise such an event, it was railroaded.

I picked myself up, dusted myself off, grieved the loss of some close friends, and with my self esteem shattered, I organised the event again the next year …

… and the next …

… and the next …

I came up with Mums’ Night Out! initially because I, personally, needed a break. Not just any break, but the kind of break that was good for my mental health. Here’s what I knew then, and still know to be true (about me :))

I like food. Good food.

I don’t mind a glass of wine or seven.

Dancing makes me feel great!

I look like a total fuckwit when I dance and don’t care.

I love being around people.

I love laughing.

I love laughing at my dancing.

I hate the idea of night clubs, having my arse pinched and my boobs groped (all of which had happened to me at night clubs, and, at that time in my mothering phase, I’d had two babies hanging off my boobs, and a hubby who wanted his go …)

I created the kind of night I wanted to go to … just a plain and simple, great fun night out, where I could just dance, not worry about anyone or anything, not have to be talked at or constantly put my hand in my purse to fork out for raffles at $10 a pop.

I. Just. Wanted. To. Have. FUN!

Over the years, it evolved to include more dancing, letting hair down, singing into beer bottles (as one – or several – does) and Just. Having. Fun.

Occasionally, we’ll swing some dosh towards a charity that supports Mums, but the night is never about the charity and fundraising, it is always about the guests – all about you!

Turns out, a bunch of other chicks wanted the same kind of night out and it has been a success.

I find it hard to believe this year is the tenth anniversary.

I find it harder still to understand that my hubby still supports me in doing this, despite the crying, screaming tantrums I’ve had over the years, to ensure the night goes ahead well, but anyhoo, he does and he is awesome.

I find it hard to find the words to sum up what the night is about, how it affects others and … well, just what it’s about.

So I did this video … this

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