3 Replies to “Giveaway: A Term of Swimming Lessons”

  1. I would LOVE this for my youngest – who whilst full of enthusiam sand gung ho, isn’t great at listening to and following instructions.
    I need to find a swim school who is able to not just “keep it fun” – but also focus and channel him.
    Being the 3rd child I have been more financially challenged than with 1 and 2 and not as on to being aware that he is growing up – he’s almost 5 and I am not confident with him around water….. let alone swimming a real stroke…

  2. As a mother of 5, i haven’t been able to afford swim lessons.. One of my children has been asking if he can go for so long, but i just couldn’t afford it.. To win would be a real blessing, to be able to take my soon to learn to swim would allow us quality time out together, give him a wonderful skill for the rest of his life, and make me feel better as a mum, knowing he can swim!

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