Giveaway: Adairs Beauty Sleep – want some?

To be perfectly frank, about now I’d kill for any sort of sleep – I don’t care if it is of the beauty kind, or falling asleep under the pool table at a manky pub kind.

I’m surprised you don’t find more of me in this sort of scenario:

What I do have my hands on, however, is a set of Beauty Sleep

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  1. Back when I was mum of three aged 5 and under
    Sleep was rare, is it any wonder?!
    I’d often have blunders as result
    And it wasn’t much fun, it was all no sleep’s fault!
    I’d put t-shirts on backwards, I’d doze off on the train
    I’d forget the umbrella and have to walk in the rain
    I’d even put on socks that weren’t the same
    So many more things, lack of sleep was to blame!!!

  2. I have had mny many days where I can’t actually remember my kids names, or it will take me five attempts before I do!

  3. Having a terrible night sleep and being woken to early morning renovations for the week, I ended up traveling to work in my slippers. I’d love to say that being a female I had spare shoes in my car. Unfortunately I did not, so I spent the day in my slippers being laughed at by colleagues.

  4. When my daughter was a few weeks old, I was so sleep deprived that I couldn’t remember if I had taken shower or not and often ended up taking multiple showers a day.

  5. When I was just 12 years old I was a billet in a strange, STRICT family’s home. The bedroom I stayed in was downstairs beside the toilet. Earlier that night the Dad whom was a Priest had said grace over dinner and then grumbled at his wife about how she had ruined the roast…which I thought was just beautiful as did the others! Anyway, I think she had the last he spent the entire night THUNDERING away in the toilet beside my bedroom!! I couldn’t sleep through the hilarious noises and the wretched stench! All this had me and the girl I was billeted with in hysterics and totally unable to sleep. Needless to say I missed school the next day to catch up on some much needed sleep – it was a sh!te of school excursion that’s for sure!

  6. I don’t know how I did it getting up every night to my baby. Thank goodness that is behind me and I have resumed my sleeping patterns. Phew, a relief!

  7. When hubby had gastro, a few days felt like years. He was up and down ALL night long for a few days, crook as a dog. And when he finally slept he snored a snore so loud, to rival the loudest of chain saws. Then finally after a few days of this, I finally fell asleep ONLY to be awoken by his pleas for help. The STUPID man thought he was better, tried to sneak out a fart and shat the bed. That I had to wake up to change! Who needs kids when you marry the biggest one there is!!

  8. I’m pregnant and I get tired in the afternoons now. So I sleep in church now and the other day I snorted during the sermon. I almost died.

  9. Many years ago, I was on one of those twelve countries in twenty day type tours. Too many late nights drinking and socialising ended catching up with me when I slept through our departure from Berlin. By the time I woke eighteen hours later, my fellow travellers were two entire countries away…in Spain!

  10. To be Honest i hardly sleep at all during the night (maybe 3 hours at a time, im sure i have Insomnia )
    Thanks for the chance 🙂

  11. after being up all night i went grocery shopping at the local shops i grabbed a trolley and off i went down the aisles there were lots of people around and i kept feeling something under my left foot i thought it must be some chewing gum or something so i kept trying to rub it off by dragging my foot over the ground but it wouldn’t go so i eventually looked down and to my horror there was a pair of my purple knickers hanging out from my trouser leg i was mortified i grabbed them and bolted out the front door leaving my trolley and groceries behind it took me ages before i would step back inside those shops

  12. 36 weeks pregnant and plenty of reasons to wake….but best one was when a spider crawled across my face, I screamed and thrashed around, my hubby woke and rambled for a minute about getting the maternity bag and calling the hospital (still half asleep) and I was screaming ‘no no no its a spider- GET IT’…it took him about 3 minutes to realise what was happening. He looked so relieved it was only a GIANT hairy disgusting spider….lol

  13. It was week 29 of pregnancy, 5 dental abscesses, 3 nights of pain, 4 root canal treatments, 1 extraction and no sleep. A newborn was a walk in the park after that!…

  14. 8.5 months pregnant and our airconditioner broke on a 40-something degree day. I was finally, blissfully, about to drop into dreamland when my husband let out an exasperated snort. I told him he’d stopped me from falling asleep. His response? ‘I don’t think you understand how uncomfortable and hot I am.’
    Yep, I didn’t sleep that night but not because of the heat, I was kept wide-eyed as I plotted the various forms of torture I could subject him to. (Though the actual torture has been dragging this story out at various events and now on the www.)

  15. When my son was a baby he was very colicy so neither of us ever got much sleep
    There were several occasions when my husband found things in odd places such as milk in the pantry, cereal in the fridge, my undies in my husbands draws and not once did he question me he just gave me a smile and a tap on the bum!

  16. Possum Mating season….the “singles bar” is in the roof above my bed, the wall behind the bed and the porch (metal of course). Fun usually starts around 3am.

  17. Oh no, you aren’t the only idiot!

    One night, after a particulary bad run of sleep with my first daughter (or, a bad run of no sleep, as the case may be!) I got up in the morning to change her nappy and I thought it was all good until I was feeding her and realised I had just been saturated in liquid. I thought the bottle was leaking, and looked at it, very confused, for quite a while. I went to stand up to work out the mystery of the leaking bottle, lifted my baby off my lap, and had her ‘nappy’ literally fall off and I was soaked in a flood of wee that escaped from the ‘nappy’ all down my front. I realised that when I changed her nappy 10 minutes earlier, I had skipped the nappy all together (we used cloth nappies with plastic covers) and had just put on the nappy cover instead!

  18. I have been sleepwalking since I was a child, but only in the last few years I’ve had night terrors which result in me thinking there is something crawling on the walls, in my bed, etc. Somehow a consequence of these is that I often furiously strip naked, and I often wake up in the middle of a frenzied rush to tear my pyjamas off!!!!! Usually I will fling the clothes across the room, so I’ve spent the early hours of many mornings bleary-eyed and clambering around my room looking for my pyjama top or bottoms in the nude… That’s about the only reason I’m glad I sleep alone!!!!!

    These are gorgeous, thanks for the chance!

  19. Our gorgeous rescue dog Bella, as sweet and docile as she appears, is an excellent hunter… One morning I awoke to a nice big rat lying beside me on my pillow !!!!!! I think she was quite confused by me screaming at the fantastic gift she had left… After that I was very restless at night and would wake up very early in the morning, terrified that history would repeat itself and Bella would bring me more generous gifts. In my sleep-deprived state, I would scream at anything even half resembling a rat – a stray sock on the floor, a remote control on the beside table – and wake up everyone else in the house. Needless to say, both Bella and I were in the dog house for quite a while with the family!!!!!

  20. I totally understand! Have had to pull all-nighters a few times now and have had some bad incidents with the fridge. Recently though I slept on the train after being awake for 34 hours and missed my stop. I was so tired and disoriented that the station guard had to call my dad to pick me up! Slightly embarrassing because he thought I was drunk at first…

  21. The time I comforted my friend on Facebook when she was having a meltdown before a conference. I was meant to wish her luck and tell her that perfectionism is overrated… somehow I wrote: ‘Good lick! You don’t have to be a perectionist to get up there!’

  22. Soooo many great entries, but I couldn’t go past Alisia and her wee smothering!


    Alisia, I have emailed you. I just need your postal address so I can send you your prize.

    Congrats and again, thank you all for contributing!

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