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  1. OMG – I would relax and watch the shows that I want to watch while they were happily watching this ( that we went to the movies to see and I can honestly say I slept through) . I would eat chocolate and bliss out for an hour or so – and fit in that ep of Dexter I havent seen yet! ( As they wouldnt be hogging the tv with the foxtel) Bliss

  2. I can honestly see me relaxing in a nice hot bubble bath with a good book and perhaps even a glass of bubbles 🙂 Ahhh pure indulgence 🙂

  3. Sounds like the perfect plan for anything to do with the bathroom. Normally I close the door and that is the signal for everyone of various size and ages to come talk to me. Maybe with Cars 2 on, I could do a bit of bikini deforestation, chin hair plucking and moe bleaching, pimple and blackhead annihilation, then I could get the old car buffer out and attempt some skin resurfacing and polishing. After that I could then drown the greys, and then work on a lovely natural orange glow with some fake tan. Sounds like bliss! Better take in a bottle of wine with me too. 🙂

  4. Hmmm, I think I would use this time creatively with hubby lol, tell the kids we were off to have ‘special time’, lock the door haha.

    I think this could keep them entertained for hours, which would be awesome!!

  5. I think I would actually attempt to have a successful unrushed bowel movement without someone standing at the door screaming – HURRY UP!!!!! I’m BUSTING!!!!! Fine I will just wee in the bath tub!!!!!!! grrrrrr grrrrrr – It’s the simple things in life really. 🙂

  6. Well to be honest I am just a big kid at heart so I would have to say I would be right in the middle of the kiddos, spurring on their imaginations. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mommy time too, but I want to make so many memories with my kids, that when they are my age (old and decrepit, as they think I am), they will have those wonderful memories to draw from. We absolutely love watching Cars over and over and I imagine, this one is just as engaging as the first one. Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter my name.

  7. hey Amanda , you really deserved those blood orange and gin based drink as watching Cars 2 on 3D, then on 2D with toddlers needs lots of patience . 🙂

    I love reading blogs and ” Diary of the mad cow ” comes on number one in my list. so when my kids are busy watching cars-2 then i would love to read older posts from your blog because i love the way you write , your posts always make me smile and tell something very valuable..:)

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