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  1. I loved the idea of yogurt pastry, it seemed so easy.
    We had a go at making the little egg and ham pies. The girls had fun making the pastry and cutting out the rounds once it was rolled.
    I used mushroom in mine because ham is foul.
    The end result was great. I passed the recipe on to friends because it was just so easy and a great way to add some more calcium to our diet.
    I have sent photos of our creation – what I didn’t take photos of was when the girls used the leftover pastry, added choc chips, chopped peanuts and whatever else took their fancy and made biscuits. They forgot we’d put parmesan cheese in the mix so the results were pretty awful.

  2. Have emailed photos of our pizza sticks. They didn’t look like much but were really yummy and extremely easy to make.

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