38 Replies to “GIVEAWAY – Disney On Ice Treasure Trove”

  1. What a magical show it will be! Our little girls love Disney movies and most of all precious “Mi Mou” – Mickey Mouse is a regular at our house, teaching our little girls to sleep and be big girls who go to the toilet! We would love a family pass please! (Sydney)

  2. We would LOVE to attend the show in Melbourne – Sunday 6th July 4pm!!

    I’m a single mum and can’t afford the tickets but my son and I would love this experience.

  3. Brisbane show please.

    Just once, I would love to tell my kids yes! Too many years and events they have been told no, a yes would be awesome.

  4. Would love tickets to the RADelaide show:
    I am so completely WORTH it! And I’ll be single-parenting three kids that night and need the distraction. Also, DISNEY! ICE! ACE! 😀

  5. FOUR kids, only TWO kids tickets on offer? Perfect, whoever does the most housework wins. About time I got some help around here 😉

  6. I’d love to go so I can embarrass the heck out of my lil darlings by singing along loudly to all my fave Disney tunes 😉

    (Newcastle show please)

  7. Brisbane show please. I would live to win the tickets so I am buy the affection of my nieces and retain the title of worlds greatest Aunty. 😉

  8. I’d love to go to the Melbourne performance, I have 4 kids though so once again am ruled out. May be one day my luck will change.

  9. I’d treat my two nieces
    Who I love to pieces
    So deserving no doubt
    After their father walked out
    This’d turn their frowns

    (Melbourne show please)

  10. Peter Pan is my sons favourite and he would love the show. Living in the country it can be expensive to travel for special experience shows
    (Melbourne tickets please)

  11. Newcastle

    I would LOVE to be able to take my kids to see this show. We are HUGE
    Disney fans! Please please pretty please.

  12. I would love the tickets to Brisbane. Its a once in a lifetime event that my children will remember forever – this production will enchant them and make them feel very special! I want that for them 🙂
    Thank you!

  13. I’m entering again :)! – Amanda, I can’t ‘see’ anything that states people can only enter once….. I cannot take my children without winning the Brisbane tickets :)!

  14. I would love to show my little girl who is now known as “queen Elsa” something that mummy loved to go and watch with Nanna.

    Sydney would be great to please 🙂

  15. Entering for the third time… Pick me, pick me, pick me for Brisbane please 🙂 this is a once in a lifetime event for my children.

  16. Disney is magical,
    What else can I say?
    Woody, Buzz, Jesse,
    We’d watch them everyday,
    Really love to win,
    we just can’t afford to pay.

    (Melbourne please!!!)

  17. Sydney show please.

    My kids have not been into the show eversince. The show would bring back memories of their childhood and mine. Love Disney! !

  18. I would love to take but with a 3 hour drive to brisbane and the cost of fuel and tickets I always have to say no saying yes would be like telling them we’re actually going to Disney land!

    Oops over 25 ..a little lol xx

  19. We have never been able to afford tickets to anything despite it being my most fervent mummy wish to give my kids some culture so we would cry if we got tickets to brisbane and we would take the worlds greatest Aunty with us, caitherine Davis!

  20. We have a beautiful little foster daughter who l know would love to be able to go to Sunday 6th July at 4pm.. Im sure her little friend would love to join us on such an amazing outing.

  21. I would truly love to take my daughter to the Perth show… My lil girl is the sweeties thing always putting others first and trying to put a smile on the faces of each and every person she meets! If it wasn’t for her I know without a doubt I wouldn’t be hear today.. I would really like to make a special day for her we had been talking about going to this for her birthday but her baby brother had other plans coming into the world 5 weeks early and it’s been pretty hard!! But she continues to keep that smile on her face and be my rock she truly deserves a special day out and some one on one time with mum Thank you for this amazing opportunity your sincerely xox

  22. Entering again (4th time). I have no shame when it comes to wanting these tickets for Brisbane show! Waving arms madly in air for my kids – pick us, pick us:)

  23. Pick me to win to give the tickets to Stephanie A above – she’s a mum in a million and could use a special treat. Her birthday today too.

  24. new to melbourne and have my sister, BIL and nephew visiting that weekend. They could take my child and give me a few hours peace!! Pleeeease!!

  25. Thank you all for your fab entries … with the exception of Wollongong, because apparently no one wants to go there (and if any of you Sydney peeps could make Wollongong, let me know) … the winners are:

    Melbourne: Mandy J (I feel your pain!)
    Adelaide: Christie
    Wollongong …
    Perth: Jade – totes
    Sydney: Trish – that’s a lovely thing to do x
    Newcastle: Debbie – I want video!
    Brisbane: Rebel – love your work!

    I’ll email you all tomorrow for details! Congrats, chicks!

  26. Would LOVE tickets to Wollongong show, Surprise birthday outing for my son whos birthday is 12th June, this would be just PERFECT.

  27. Done!

    Competition is now closed – winners, please keep an eye out in your email inboxes – emailing in the next half hour 🙂

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