Giveaway: Double Movie Pass

I have here, sitting on my desk, under a pile of postit notes and a coffee stain a Double Pass to Village Cinemas at the Jam Factory.

You want ’em?

Tell me why, make me laugh and do it all before March 31st in the comments section below.

Tickets are valid till the end of Feb next year (2013)

To enter, you:

  • Must comment in the comments section at the end of this post
  • Be a resident of Australia and hold a valid, Australian mailing address
  • Have a valid, correct and emailable email address so we can contact you!

I’ll decide who deserves it most based on your comments 🙂

Enter now or the Lorax gets it …

5 Replies to “Giveaway: Double Movie Pass”

  1. I would love a double pass to the movies because I have a very special friend who I like to go to the movies with. We have a knack for picking crap movies to watch when we pay for tickets so at least if they’re free it won’t matter. & it’s not the movie that matters, it’s laughing so hard that chocolate comes out your nose that makes it a great night

  2. As a childcare worker, I see a gazillion things that make me smile and many stories become legends in their own right 🙂 This is one of those stories.

    Imagine, if you will, a group of kindy kids all busily playing in the room. There are blocks and cars, dress ups and painting, puzzles and books…..there is also a table of scissors and paper. It was as we packed up the room that we realised a group of 4 girls each had shorter hair than when we had started the session. Oh no! 🙁 Telling parents that their child has cut their hair always sucks. Asking the girls to help clean up adn ensure there is no hair on the floor etc is when it got weird. We couldn’t find the hair. Now these girls were clever ones, old enough to know better and smart enough to remove the evidence of their deed. Or so we thought. The room was clean, not a hair to be found, the girls stuck to the story that the hair was ‘gone’.

    Not until a good 20 minutes into outdoor play time, did we notice the same 4 girls scratching and looking decidedly uncomfortable. We had found the hair! Oh dear lord….we found the hair….staff began giggling. Staff began to avoid lookign at each other in fear of breakign out into big guffaws of laughter. The girls were herded into the showers for a wash down, on this sweaty, Qld, summers day.
    For you see, the girls had decided that they ‘wanted to be like Mum’…they’d purposefully cut their hair to stick down their undies!

    Guess we know whose Mums don’t have brazillians 😛

  3. Really this story would ideally include a video, but I haven’t even got to putting one up on Facebook for friends and family… So we’ll press on without.

    I know we shouldn’t really generalise when it comes to children, but really when it comes to getting there is a fairly standard range of rolling, commando crawling, hands & knees crawling, butt shuffling, and that whole bipedal thing. So really, quite a range to choose from (taking into account variations of the afore mentioned list) wouldn’t you say? So do you think my 1yo Cheeky Monkey could pick one? No Mum, how boring is that! Now I get that I’m an opinionated person & don’t always conform, and his Dad is a left handed hobby musician, but really we both fit fairly well into the ‘normal’ category… We’ve both transported ourselves according to the aforementioned list at least! But somehow, our Cheeky little Monkey has completely devised his own style… Though one might be forgiven for thinking he was heavily influenced by the breakdancing trend… Though alas, that would require him to have seen break dancing (or anything remotely like break dancing). I’ve affectionately dubbed it ‘the worm’… He lies on his tummy, puts his hands out as far as they’ll go from his littl

  4. (cont) little body, hoists himself up and forward with such gusto that he almost face plants pretty much every time he does it (so pretty much every ‘step’ equivalent)… All the while grinning and giggling as if he’s the cleverest Cheeky little Monkey ever to walk – scrap that – break dance this earth!

    What can I say other than, he walks – scrap that – break dances to the beat of his own drum!

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