Giveaway – DVD: The Little Engine that Could

Woo hoo … in light of my earlier post and review of the just relseased DVD: The Little Engine That Could, where I finished off by saying you could get it at your standard kids’ DVD retailers?

Well, you CAN!

Also, I have three copies of this DVD to give away!

So I don’t feel like I’m the only person who stands their yelling at their kids, or having deep and meaningfuls with them aout particular behaviours and/or those conversations where you’re desperately trying to encourage them to do something because you know they can! – like do a forward roll in kinder gym, or jump off the side of the pool without crushing your fingers, or eating their damned carrots! – and the voice in the back of your head is saying “You should take that advice on yourself, you know!” … where was I? … oh yeah, so I don’t feel like I”m the only person this happens to, to enter this comp you need to tell me

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  1. i recite these words to myself all the time trying to get the kids to eat their dinner, clean their rooms , pick up their towels or to the kids when they are having troubles at school or try to tell me they cant without even trying.

  2. I told Mr 15 than enlisting his 8 year old brother to help take out the rubbish (it’s Mr 15’s job) would be like me getting him to finish emptying the dishwasher when I had already started it. Then I remembered. I had only a few minutes prior to this reminded him that it was his turn to empty the dishwasher. And I had already started emptying it. Oops. And I tell the kids that if they eat too much junk they’ll get fat. I am 25kg overweight. Oops again! (I am a new follower – found you via Tina Gray {dot} Me. Am enjoying reading through your posts. I am at

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