Giveaway: Family Pass to Silvers Circus

Having only been hanging around for a mere 37 years-ish, and only Australia’s greatest circus (and amongst the top 10 circuses in the world!) Silvers Circus is making it’s way to Melbourne, and likely to be doing wonders for entertaining your offspring whilst they’re here.

photo Owned and managed by Swiss born Anna and Anton Gasser, so you know it’s going to be brilliant, the circus features a fabulously entertaining array of acts from the usual circus fare of clowns, magic and astounding and incredible acrobatics, to globes of death, wheels of steel, and way more to keep your family entertained.

Highly experienced Ringmaster, Simon Tait, has years of experience in keeping kids entertained (and quiet), what with having been around for quite some time and knowing his stuff.

Silvers Circus features entertainers and highly skilled actobatic types from around the world, and offer something for everyone, from the little kids to the big, for boys, girls, mums and dads.

Bloody good thing then that I have three family passes to give away for the upcoming Silvers Circus at Burnley Oval (Melbourne) kicking off next Wednesday, the 17th of September and running until October 12th, isn’t it?

For an opportunity to get your hands on a set of four tickets (2 big kids (adults)and 2 kid-kids)

5 Replies to “Giveaway: Family Pass to Silvers Circus”

  1. I need these tickets. NEED. There’s a chance that the voice of my middle child (bless his excitable soul, he’s the talker, oh my is he the talker!). Who looks at visiting the circus as a chance for peace? But the idea of the kids being transfixed for more than 15 minutes on anything…. Who needs a beach and a cocktail? (Should a beach and cocktail become available however….)

  2. My son has all the traits of a successful circus clown, and I feel as a dedicated mum it is my duty to help him research and explore the genre to help him in his future ambitions

  3. Lets be honest I need them because I am still to organise anything for the kids to so during the school holidays. help me.

  4. Thanks all for your entries – loved them.

    The winners are Kelly, Donella and Rachael – I’ve emailed you all and will forward your details to the ticket sender outer person! Congrats.

    And let me know what mischief you get up to 🙂

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