4 Replies to “Giveaway: Family Tix to Scooby Doo Live!”

  1. Last holidays, Mr 11 said that I never do anything fun with them and all I do is work *insert mother guilt here*. Because you know, I work for the fun of it… not to pay the rent, food, bills etc :/ The joys of being a sole parent (plus said holidays fell at the start of the month when rent is due = broke week). So if I win these tickets I might regain my half decent mother ranking back…. maybe… he loves Scooby Doo.

  2. I would love to be able to take my kids to the Melbourne show. Last year my daughter picked up a flyer somewhere for this very show and being the massive scooby doo fan that she is was desperate to go….. It was around her birthday so I said I would buy tix for her present. I searched high and low for tix and after calling around to several different venues I finally found out that it must have been an old flyer and the show had long since gone 🙁
    After trying to explain what had happened to one very disappointed 7 year old, I promised that one day we would get to see Scooby Doo, even if we had to fly to the gold coast and go to movie world!
    I didn’t have the heart to tell here that this would be a while away (and she would probably have grown out of Scooby by the time we could afford it!!!)
    So after a terribly unlucky 2013 where we have lost our family business, had a very sick baby in hospital and a myriad of other things go wrong, seemingly one after that other….. We soldier on each day, still with my fingers crossed for one small piece of luck and hope that with tix to the Melbourne show I can treat my family to something nice this year.

  3. I would absolutely LOVE to win tickets to the Melbourne show for me & the ferals, Everytime school holidays come by im always too broke to do something with them & tickets to concerts /shows etc arent cheap these days to take a family.
    My eldest is having quite alot of issues lately & this would really be a great experience & something im sure would pip her spirits up & make her happy, (even if it is just for one day! 🙂 ) Just want to see her smile again!
    Thanks, Wendy xx

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