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  1. I would LOVE to win this hamper for my amazing mum but I unfortunately cannot attend the Mum’s Night Out (as wonderful as it sounds!!!!) My reasons for not being able to attend are that I have three daughters aged 6 and under who keep me extremely busy, my hubby works ridiculously long hours, and I am too scared to get my licence, therefore have no mode of transport to get there!!! But my mum is SO deserving, she only went to school until 11 years of age as she had to get a job to help support her family. She has also had to deal with the tragic passing of my brother, her only son, when he was just 12. But she always had time and love for me and my two sisters. Her heart is as soft as a marshmallow but she is the strongest person mentally that I know. I hope my ‘excuses’ are reason enough to give me an opportunity to win this for my beautiful mum. Thankyou!

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