Giveaway: Three Stuffed Mums (well, technically, tix to their show!)

Well, this has been a fun week.

Actually, I’ve had worse, but aside from a searing pain in my arse (literally, not figuratively – but I did go get that massaged out this morning) that has prevented me from doing things like walking, sitting, standing, lying, breathing, I also managed to completely forget to make a school lunch for one child yesterday.

Impressive, given I’ve been making this particular child’s lunch, every school morning since 2005, but anyhoo …

It may have been payback, but I farewelled him this morning with his words “Mum, you know when I’m like really old and 50 like you …” I’m not sure what else he said, as he may have been shoved in the glove box of the car at that point. Also, he made me listen to his rubbish music.

A typical week, really. Nothing particularly overwhelming, stressful or out of the ordinary. Just … a week.

How has your week been?

Talk to me … tell me about your week and you could be one of two to accompany me to the VIP Opening Night of the Three Stuffed Mums comedy show, as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Tickets are for Tuesday the 8th of April at 6.30p.m.

I have yet to determine whether it will be a double pass, or two single tickets … that will all depend on how well you convince me that you really need a night out.

If you’ve had a pretty ordinary week, I’ll settle for a more convincing I’m A Stuffed Mum And My Week Was Crap week that you’ve experienced recently. Although, I do realise ‘recently’ is a relative term, and time has a tendency to blur.

Anyhoo, comments below, in the commenting option of your choice and I’ll give you till 5.00p.m. on Friday the 4th of April to enter.

This gives you enough time to enter and time to organise yourself to get out for the night. I’ll let you know as soon as humanly possible that you’re coming along with the Mad Cow! Yay!

(We may even head for drinks afterwards or something … we’ll see).

Anyhoo … again, comments

2 Replies to “Giveaway: Three Stuffed Mums (well, technically, tix to their show!)”

  1. How was my week you ask?
    Get kids ready for school and out the door by 7.30am, catch public transport, work all day – make them more money in one day then I earn in a year, come home, have homework battles and then fall into bed exhausted only to do it all again the next day.
    Please let me come for a good laugh

  2. I sooooo need this night out! I am a full time working mum with a 6 year old and 2 year old (who refuses to sleep!) And for the past 3 weeks I have also been covering while my manager has been on leave. I’ve dealt with everything from complaints, staff issues, broken lifts to a break in! I need some me time please!!!!

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