Giveway: Skylanders SWAP Force Halloween

My (bare) survival of the most recent school holidays was aided significantly by the presence of the new Skylanders SWAP Force

Although not yet – and not through lack of trying – in possession of all the original Skylanders, nor Skylanders Giants characters, they have beaten the levels in both games and were up for a new challenge.

Hurray – along came Skylanders SWAP Force and all was right with the world. Except for the nagging and immediate “Can we get some more now?” interrogations.

A bit about Skylanders SWAP Force … from an ignorant mother’s perspective 🙂 – it’s kinda like the other Skylanders where each character has special skills and strengths and stuff and does certain things within the game that other characters can’t, because they don’t have the ‘right element’.

Like previous versions, you can do that funky thing where to change a player, you simply remove the one you no longer require from the portal and replace it with the figurine of your desire.

Like previous versions, if your kids don’t stop playing when they are told to, you can walk up and take the characters off the portal and it ruins their game for them, but they do go and put their clothes away, or stack the dishwasher or have a shower when told for a final time.

Like previous versions, the figurines retain all their lives, upgrades, points, whatevs in their base and can be transported and utilised on any platform (so long as the game and portal are present) even if it is a different platform from the one with which you purchased it.

For example – cos I think this is really cool – if you, like us, have the Wii version of the game, and your kids have played with the characters on the Wii version and rallied up points on that character and they want to go to a friend’s house and have a battle, and their friend has, say, a Playstation –

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  1. *gah* Fucking Skylanders! Those fuckers breed, they are everywhere in this house, except in the box they should be kept in. Like I need more of the fucking things in this house, but I am getting nagged over and over, “I want Skylanders swap force!” (Yeah Kid, and I want a never ending pack of choc teddies and an endless bottle of wine).

    No, I dont want to win this shit! 😛

  2. Me at my parents place interstate. The girls home with their dad. One of the school mums had given Annie her phone number and said to call about a playdate. So at 6am Saturday morning Annie rings the mum and asks her to come over, thankfully the mum asked to speak to Ralph first, but he was sound asleep. I thankfully missed it all.

  3. Took my daughter (7) and niece (6) to the sanctuary. We went to the birds of pray show and at the end a man comes out and talks about his aboriginal culture and gives a lesson in boomerang throwing and catching. He says to the kids ” I caught that one, lets see if I can get two more and make it three in a row”. He then throws the next one and misses it. My niece at the top of her lungs says “oh you looser”. All I could do was hang my head while people gasped in horrified tones and shook their heads in utter shock. Any thing would have helped this moment!

    Thanks for reading! I hope you got a laugh out of this like my family did later that night when I relayed the story to them!

  4. During the Christmas holidays once my daughter and I ended up at the emergency department. After a long drawn out wait, the Dr could not tell me why my daughter’s number two was half normal and half bright red (yes, I was worried enough to rescue it and take it to show the doctor and yes the staff were amazed that it was so red and even more amazed at my parenting dedication to have rescued such an unsavory item!) It took us half the school holidays to work out that bowl fulls of watermelon turned number two’s red and amazingly bowls of peas turned them bright green! It was the school holidays of the rainbow poo! Skylanders would have helped because although eating fruit and veg is fantastic, maybe not in the quantities she was eating them, maybe skylanders could take her mind off all the yummy watermelon!

  5. One school holidays when I was in high school, my sister and I got dropped off by Mum (who was on her way to the hairdresser) to our girlfriends house for a hang out.
    A guy that I liked was going to be there, so I made sure Mum dropped us off at the corner so nobody would see us get out of Mum’s horrible old bomb.
    She wasn’t happy but did so anyway.
    My sister and I were having a great time, until one of the guys that had a crush on my sister leaned in to give her a smooch and he accidentally burnt the leather sofa that my sister was sitting on with his smoke!!
    We all panicked because we knew once our girlfriend’s mum realised what had happened, that we would be in big sh*t. My sister rang mum to come pick us up straight away, giving her the excuse that she felt sick and needed to get home ASAP.
    After a few minutes, Mum rolls up in the bomb, still with the hairdresser’s cape on and the plastic shower cap thing on her head (she was getting tips put in her hair, we found out later). We were mortified!!!!
    Hard to say how the Skylanders would’ve helped in that situation, um, maybe if we had those to play with we wouldn’t have ventured out and be scarred for life with that memory?

  6. Let me start this by saying, if we had this skylanders pack, then just maybe I would not find myself uttering sentences every school holidays, that I never thought I would utter ever in my life: “one should always wear pants around the house” or “Ones penis will not fall off if one leaves it alone for a while” and “one should never wiggle their WIng Wang in the lounge room, especially when we have company” “sigh!”

  7. The July school holidays were great, my mum had my 4yo old Abbie for a holiday and brought her back fully toilet trained….score….also came home calling her girl parts “Toody”. Being the lazy mum that I am (or is it really the knowledge that as soon as the door shuts hell will break loose) I went to the toilet to change certain female hygiene products which according to Abz look like “tablets” after change was done I am met with cheering and clapping and a chorus of “yay good girl mummy it had its toody tablet you get a lolly now” *insert mortified look on my face* yeah if I had skylanders swap force I’m sure annoying big Bro would have been the better choice then stalking Mum on the loo lol

  8. My step mother was visiting with my little brother & sister, whom are the same age as my kids.

    I had to venture out, while she was watching the kids … the kids that decided in the middle of winter, to go outside & make mud, not just any mud… mud puddles big enough to fit human bodies in… 4 human bodies… 4 naked human bodies! She just watched through the glass sliding door, like it was movie, I drove in the driveway to my little brother, crouching, commando, covered from head to toe in dry mud, on the top of the fence!

    Skylanders would have most definitely saved us this particular day!

  9. I struggled with toilet training my son for a few months, he would refuse to pass number two’s, causing constipation, therefore he associated pain with number two’s and would continue the cycle of holding it in. We worked a reward system out, and encouraged him as much as possible in order to to turn around his behaviour.

    That came back on me one day when I took my son to the shopping centre with me to pick up a few items. Since we both needed to go to the bathroom, I took the cubicle that had both an adult and child sized toilet in it. A few minutes later… “Are you doing poos Mummy?” “Good job Mummy!” “Is it a big poo or a little poo?” “Can I see it?” “You wanna reward, you can have ice-cream Mummy!” Chuckles from the ladies queued up to use the bathroom ensued and shortly turned into laughter. I sheepishly left the cubicle and went to wash our hands, when my son, determined to be included in the reward reminded me that we can have ice-cream right now. Laughter erupted again when I replied that I think I needed it.

    Skylanders would have definitely been a great way to occupy my son, making it easier to leave him in the care of someone else, while I duck out to the shops alone. With the range of characters they have, I could include them in his rewards as an alternative to sugar treats!

  10. On a train trip to the Melbourne Zoo my kids got bored and started people watching (they learnt this from me) suddenly Master5 piped up and declared a bald man was missing his hair and both my 9 year old daughter and 5 year old son pretended to look for this poor man’s hair on the train.

    I could of happily died at that exact moment. Skylanders would of helped because I could of used them as a distraction device so I could not have died of embarrassment.

    Oh hail Skylanders

  11. With two hyperactive primary school boys a one month old baby I don’t know how I survived school holidays. Kids use to graze junk food whole day and play , shout and create mess everywhere in the home. Poor one month old could not sleep for more than 20 minutes at a stretch during school holidays. One day after putting the baby to sleep I went for a quick 2 minute shower and when I came out I found that baby was with her brothers and they were teaching her how to stand by holding her from shoulders. That was the only day I took bath in the morning – for the rest of the school holidays I took bath at night when everyone else was sleeping and watching their sweet dreams.

    Skylanders would have definitely saved me during those days by keeping my hyperactive kids busy and rather than experimenting on poor baby – they would have used their imagination on Sylanders & surely I could take a easy 5 minute shower during the day time.

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