Glad that was cleared up.

Long drives have the tendency to draw profound, and most informative comments from people.

In the case of my husband, its the repeated “Oh look, the dead centre of [insert name of town here]” whenever we drive past a cemetery.

In the case of the seven year old, above-it-all, smart arse, its “ugh, like you would know!”

And, in the case of the five year old, its usually something really important and incredibly useful information.

Driving to a friends house this morning, it was “Mummy. Your tummy looks like a big fat boob.”


Driving home, it was “I think you are having five babies. You have babies in your legs and in your arms and in your tummy.”

“Oh, how do you work that out?”

“Coz they are really fat and that means they have babies in them.”

Hmm. Thanks.

On the way to the rellos house for dinner was the most practical of the comments for the day.

“Mummy. I don’t pick my nose and eat it.”

“Oh good.”

“No. I pick my snot and eat my snot. Coz you don’t eat noses. You eat snot. You can’t eat a nose.”

He slept all the way home.

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