Go ask your father

Grumpy’s work hours are all over the place like a mad woman’s breakfast – agian – which means my schedule is, too.

Luckily I have the capacity to manage mayhem. Really, its pretty much all my life consists off, so you gotta do what you gotta do.

So here I am, stuck at home with a toddler who would quite happily immerse himself in Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends DVDs. In between dragging me away from work and intermittently discovering Daddy is at work and having a screaming tantrum at the door yelling “Daddy, daddy” and hving the neighbours concerned about his welfare and me feeling completely inadequate, or asking “Where’s Daddy gone?” every 22 seconds.

Decide the zoo is as good an option as any to distract, deter and get out of the house. If I can endure whatching the elephants for 45 minutes, whilst Chippie excitedly screams “Look, a e’pahnt!” at everyone who walks past. I’ll give him one thing, he’s not shy in showing his excitement.

I farewell the older two, whom are now adequately capable of walking themselves to school, which is that mixed feeling of elated relief, worry, bad parenting/mother guilt and feeling dumped. All of which can be cured with a quite MUG of coffee. Pack some snacks and off we go. After calming Chippie and his “wan’ my bruvvers” screaming tantrum at the front door and locating my misplaced MUG.

Make it to the zoo where we manage to spend four hours – FOUR !! I’m usually back home in three. I do think

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