Good Planning

Today was scattered. To say the least.

Sleep ins and rushing to school, a scheduled meeting where I got a latte, but was stood up. Not all bad, as ran to the rescue of a friend in dire need before heading off to have my own head shrunk. Have enough time to stuff food in face, seated for a change, at the table, where I pick up the school newsletter and accompanying paperwork (there is always accompanying paperwork!) that was unceremoniously removed from the depths of a school bag and left on the floor, partially concealed by the couch.

Remarkably, it was handed out Wednesday, and left near couch on Wednesday evening.

I glance over its contents, take a look at the bright blue paper with black writing stuffed inside it, contemplate (again)

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  1. I’ve taken to sending home all our parent club notices on pale pink paper – to match my hair.

    The lack of notice about school events and poor planning was driving me so nuts that I offered to lend a hand and ended up the parent club coordinator.

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