Gorging Myself

Another fun filled family day, where I almost, but not quite, managed to cut off the anti-Family-Day rhetoric and whining before they began.

They, however, didn’t get too far this time, as I was able to quite remarkably and unexpectedly explain how the same blah has never worked before so what makes them think it’ll work today? Hmmmm?

I was desperate for some level of physical activity. Preferably of a level that would tire me out. So I would sleep well. And feel physically tired.

Also fun.

And given we had a morning of things to do, we needed to choose somewhere close by (ish) and wouldn’t take too long to get to. I realise this is a relative thing as it is not, and has not ever been, unusual for us to “drive to Echuca for lunch” or “go to Lorne for a bit of a drive”.

For those unfamiliar with locations and distances, Echuca is way up near the Victorian-NSW border, and in excess of a 2.5 hour, probably closer to three hour, drive from our home.

Yes, we go there for lunch sometimes. Because … well, we just do stuff like that.

Today’s Family Day was to Lerderderg Gorge, which has a giggle-inducing name, and I can only remember it because we sometimes pass it on other of our Family Days, and also once a guy went all kung fu in there one day and karate’d a few hikers in there.

Grumpy and I are both in possession of suitable walking shoes that provide lots of air flow. That is, they are worn out and full of holes, so we figured it was a good time to head to an outlet, which was also having a sale, so double bonus on the discounts, and obtained a pair of proper, supportive, hiking/walking shoes each.

In an absolutely brilliant twist of fate, and totally not planned, the shoes Grumpy Pants chose for himself are identical to a pair Monkey Boy picked for himself some two months ago.

Nawwwww. It’s sooooooo cute. Except horrrifying for Monkey Boy and quite pleasing for Grumpy Pants who made the most of the situation.

We walked and explored and found wombat holes, and flowers and stopped at a watery swamp where I soon had my shoes off and found myself lying amoungst rocks and slime, trying to capture images of my belligerent and unwilling offspring. It took a bit, but of the 932 images I took I manage to snap a few good ones.

Now all I need is someone to come and sort and categorise all my photos for me … *sigh*

It was not complete, of course, without some climbing of stuff (although I didn’t manage to capture Monkey Boy up something on this occasion, which is rather unusual), slime, getting wet, and blood.

In fact, my pants could have been preserved as a canvas on the day; complete with slime-water, slime, ice-cream, tomato sauce, blood, dirt, sweat and … quite surprisingly, no tears!

Next time, we’re planning on getting there earlier, and spending far more time with the walk-y, climb-y, explorer-y bits.

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