Grab the coffee and run

Last night’s dinner – and presentation of a cat cake that looked nothing like a vagina – was lovely.

Our friend, quite possibly knowing full well we were going to acknowledge his birthday and choosing to give up resisting this onslaught, loved his cake and presents and being spoilt.

Which was nice.

And today, I managed to get quite a sizeable amount of work done, despite knowing I had completely run out of coffee. The last of the beans went into the machine last night for this morning, and the final grindings in my post lunch coffee.

Just being in a coffee free house can lead me to hyperventilae. What if I don’t make it to the coffee shop in time to get some more before I set the machine tonight????

[breathe breathe]

Thankfully, I’d had all I needed and was functioning enough to drive to school to collect children, so we could detour via the coffee shop on the way home. And save the world – or my household at least – from imminent distress and disaster.

Off we go. I debate leaving all offspring in the car, but don’t. I must remember to listen to my gut. It usually tells me the right thing to do. But I had a “what will other’s think” moment and took them with me.


Chatting to the absolutely wonderful shop owners, who know what

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